Routledge has opened access to a selection of this year’s articles from its ten major journals in Education. They are the ‘most downloaded’, so no assurances of their quality, but the selection offers an interesting insight into current debates in mainstream educational scholarship, and can be shared with anyone who does not have access to academic resources.


Politics of imagination

Wanted to clarify that my comment last night about the political economy, situatedness and/or materiality of the imagination was not intended to diminish the signficance of imagination as a factor — indeed a material factor — in both critique and working for change. On the contrary, but with a recognition that practicing an imagination that allows us to imagine resisting or dissolving power involves struggle, often against the violence of capitalism, the state and always against the violence of the existing order of things, including within ourselves. I’d like to think one point of learning is to learn how to cultivate and practice such radical imagination. So thank you Stephen for asserting the point.

‘Change in the climate of the imagination is the precursor of the changes that affect more than the details of life’ (John Dewey, Art as Experience , 1932, p. 360).

Some things I have found interesting on imagination recently include:

There is, incidentally, another issue of Affinities full of articles on ‘the new cooperativism’ (2010).