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The arena of app stores is much like the way organic search results used to be. Knowledge on app store optimization (ASO) can still provide a big advantage over your competitors and it can be a very lucrative way to exploit your old fashioned SEO skills. Reviews provide critical business intel around your app and your audience, so it’s important to request them when the user is going to give it to you straight. Imagining how someone would be interested in using your app might search for it is a good place to start. The first developers to truly embrace that and effectively build strong IP and brand will be the long-term winners in the app market.” He firmly” believes that — ­ and so do we. Lastly — consider the direction of your app’s ranking momentum: if your app has been falling in rank before implementing an optimization app store optimization company as attempting to rank higher for a keyword, it will produce worse results than if your app’s rank was stable or rising, because installs affect your app’s ability to rank for a keyword.

Popular keywords from your category & subcategory, competitors and keywords that people who have downloaded similar apps search: per below, late 2015 algorithm update uses data about similar apps and popular app store optimization company descriptor keywords to influence which keywords app show for. A clear, feature-based title will not only help Apple and Google index your app , but will help users understand what problem the app is solving for them.

While with SEO, we want to achieve higher rankings in search engine results to attract more visitors to our websites, with ASO, we want to achieve higher rankings in app store search results in order to drive more app installs. It’s also important to realize that you really should hold off on naming your app UNTIL AFTER you’ve used these keyword tools to settle on the keywords that you want to rank for in the App Store.

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Was founded by indie developer Tomasz Kolinko , who built an ASO script to check his own apps to see app store optimization they weren’t obtaining high rankings in the App Store. Your icon should stand out as well as represent what the app is. When a user discovers the app list, your icon is your first and sometimes only impression. This discipline is called App Store Optimization (often referred as ASO”) and it’s becoming increasingly popular.

Difficulty is how easy or difficult it will be to rank for any given keyword, or how intense the competition is. The ideal combination is a high traffic keyword that has very little competition, but that can be nearly impossible to come by. Tools like MobileDevHQ , AppTweak , Sensor Tower , and App Annie can help you with this type of app analytics.

As your app begins to rank higher and gain more reviews, news of your app will begin to spread by word of mouth. That said, engagements for an app overall will improve its ranking for all relevant keywords to some degree, meaning that if Facebook were to become eligible for a new keyword, it would likely start at a very high ranking. OurApp Store Optimization experts will make a point to encourage your application scope to the highest point of your category. You can upload your icon, your screenshots, fill out your keywords, and it as a real-world user would when they consider downloading your app.

These are helpful because they give you hard data about all sorts of measurements related to your app. This rule is made very clear, and is worth paying attention to. Google Play strictly bans the use of push-messages to promote advertising. For both Apple and Android apps, your app description is like your landing page. Try launching a website or mobile app and doing nothing to improve discoverability. App Reviews: This is an extremely important part of ASO in terms of conversion.

Of course, both the Apple App Store and Google Play handle titles and keywords differently, so how you approach your title should depend on if you’re marketing to Apple or Android users. Recent updates changed in-app purchase names to only have an effect if it is an exact match with keywords. Snap a cool scene from your game or a nice UI from your app for the cover screen.

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